Smooth watchface

Here’s my second watch face accepted on the Fitbit gallery. It’s considerably less morbid than the Memento Mori. It’s just a nice simple digital watch face that shows the current time, date, steps so far today, and your current heart rate.

Link to download from the Fitbit gallery:

Smooth watch-face on a Fitbit Ionic

Change log

  • 14 April 2018, V1.0: Initial release
  • 28 April 2018, v1.1: Added a battery monitor to top left of screen. It is small and relatively discrete.
  • 2 May 2018, v1.11: Fixed a bug that displayed the incorrect month.
  • 27 June 2018, v2.0: Added larger font option as well as option to hide battery level display.
  • 8 August 2018, v2.1: Added support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Changed default font size to large.

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