Memento Mori – Watchface

What is it?

A clean and simple watch face for Fitbit OS watches that shows the current time and date and the time remaining until your expected death.

Memento Mori watch-face on a Fitbit Versa

Isn’t that morbid?

A little bit. The goal is to remind you that you only have so much time in this world, and you need to make it count.

How accurate is it?

Well, aside from the fact that the chances of you dying at the national average age of death is really low, still not great. The watch face knows your gender and age (presuming you entered that information into the Fitbit app), but not your actual birth date. It assumes everyone is born on the first of January. Nor does it know what country you live in. It assumes you live in the United States (I figure most the english speaking Fitbit users will be American).

The point is to remind you to live your life, not to act as a personal actuarial table.

What happens when the count down reaches zero?

It starts counting up and the word “Remaining” at the bottom is replaced with “Extra”. Now it’ll remind you to be thankful for every day you live (but since you’ll be in your 70s or older, you’ve probably got that covered).

Want to see more about Memento Moris?

Check out the wikipedia article.┬áLots of pictures of skulls in there. I didn’t think I need to add a skull to the watch face.

Where can I get it?

On the smartphone you’ve paired with your Fitbit watch, click on the link below:

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