1 May = 1 April

Update 7am, 2 May: Version 1.11 is now live. To fix the month displaying wrong, open your fitbit app on your phone, select the clock face icon and click update. Once again, my apologies for both the bug in the first place and how long it took for the update to go through. – Matt

Update 9pm, 1 May: The fixed version (1.11) still isn’t live on the Fitbit gallery. All I can do is submit my new version and wait for fitbit to approve it.

If you have the Smooth watch face, you’re probably aware that today (May first) is displaying as April first.

This bug has been fixed in version 1.11, which should be available from the Fitbit gallery some time today.

If you’re wondering how such a simple and obvious issue made it through my testing, it is the product of two typos in the code working together.

My apologies to everyone who is reliving April first today.

16 thoughts on “1 May = 1 April

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello, I live in Canada and it is now 12:04am but my clock face is still showing April 2nd where it should say May 2nd. I really love your watch face and would continue to keep using it but will have to switch if it is showing the wrong month

      1. admin says:

        En el reloj, abra la configuración, luego active la pantalla y configure el manual (botón). Mis disculpas si esa no es la redacción exacta, estoy usando el traductor de Google.

  2. Erin S. says:

    I just got a Versa today and this is by far my favorite watch face! However, it is only counting the amount if steps I’ve done since I put it on, it is not syncing with the amount of steps in the app from my other Fitbit. Does it need permission to access steps?

    1. admin says:

      It does need permission to access your steps and heart rate. I’ve never tried to link two fitbit devices to see if they’ll sync through the app.

      Thank you for the kind words.

    2. Tiffany Tank says:

      The step counter on the watch face does not match the Fitbit count on the next screen or the app. Is there a fix incoming? I really like this face.

      1. admin says:

        Hi Tiffany,
        The watchface is getting it’s step count directly from fitbit tracking app in the watch. It really should show up as the same as what you are seeing when you swipe down from the watchface. If it isn’t, try rebooting the watch. Let me know if that works or not – I haven’t seen this problem come up before.

        If this is your first day using the watch, or you wear it part of the day and another fitbit for another part of the day, it won’t display the total steps of both devices. The phone app seems to be able to take the count from multiple devices (I’m not entirely sure, since I only have one fitbit device), but each device can only show how many steps were counted while wearing that device.


  3. Krista says:

    Hi, I like the smooth watch face on my fitbit versa but it shows this month as “Kan” instead of May or Maj on swedish. The rest of my fitbit is installed on swedish.

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