Smooth Watchface v1.1

By popular demand (ie two people asking for it) I’ve added a battery monitor to the Smooth watchface. I’ve uploaded the files to the Fitbit gallery, and they should be reviewed and live early in the week.

The icon for the battery does not (yet) fill up to show the battery level. Right now the image is always of a hollow battery. I chose that to keep it discreet and not draw too much attention to the icon. In the next version I’ll change it to visually show the battery level.

Going forward, the next big feature I am planning on adding is a user settings feature. Using the fitbit app on your phone you’ll be able to toggle the battery display on or off, change the font size of the counters, and hopefully do more to make the watch face suit you. Unfortunately, due to other time commitments, I won’t be able to work on that until early June.

For a link to the current version (as well as a changelog) of Smooth watchface click here: Smooth watchface

7 thoughts on “Smooth Watchface v1.1

  1. Cassandra says:

    Hey there, my watch face is saying April 1 since Australia changed to May 1… When I change the watch face, it’s correct on a different one. Can you please update this as I love this watch face? Thanks!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for catching that so quickly (I suppose everyone else would have in a few hours, but you got it first). I’ve uploaded the new version (1.11) and it should be live on Fitbit gallery sometime Tuesday (or Wednesday for you).

  2. Simone Christine says:

    Also my dial is on the 1st of April. can you please update this as soon as possible?

    Thank you

  3. Dave D says:

    V1.11 was available for me to download onto the watch at 0500 MST (Phoenix, AZ). Also the update includes the new battery level reading; very nice. My recommendation would be to make the battery monitor white instead of grey. Grey text on black background is difficult to read. White provides greater contrast.

    I like the watch face because I can read the current time without my reading glasses. Thank you!

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